How to pick the right audio equipment for your next event or corporate conference?

DJ playing music

Budget is often a huge concern for any event planning. With the right budget, you can ensure that the event turns out to be a great success and the audience enjoy a great time. By default, most event organisers tend to spend the big bucks on elements that enhance the audience experience and focus on items like props and decor, table linen and similar items. The audio-visual needs often get relegated to the bottom and come up only when everything else is taken care. If this has been your experience too, you should know that there are many ways to make things work better for you at least in the future for a business relationship with the agency providing you with the PA system rental and careful planning can enhance the overall experience of the event without exceeding your financial limits.

Size of the AV system matters

It is important that the AV/PA system rental chosen by you is in tune with the size of the gathering. In some situations, an in-house PA/AV system could be a cost-efficient measure, particularly when you are looking at smaller events such as employee meetings for about 50 attendees. If you envisage speakers who will be stationary, you can include a wired microphone and a podium to achieve quality sound without drilling a hole through your wallet. Do also remember that wired microphones are significantly more dependable and less susceptible to feedback compared to the wireless microphones. Another important thing is to get your PA system rental to provide the right kind of speakers for your event. Some speakers work best with small events for smaller venues and groups while larger speakers can be better for large events.

You must find quality time to speak to your AV/PA system rental and choose a sound system that is most appropriate for your needs and needs minimal or no intervention from you or your personnel. If you explore the newer speakers like powered speakers and line arrays, you will notice that they offer a better quality of audio and take up a lesser time to set up. The pricing too would be more affordable.

Consider equipment using advanced technology

The technology behind AV equipment has been improving consistently over time. Though there has been a continuous drop in the cost of technology, the newest offerings in the market are indeed expensive. For instance, we see a slow but steady decline in the price of Plasma TVs while the larger TVs come with a big price tag. If the initial quotes you get from the rental are scary, have patience, and you can always negotiate a better price to address your exact needs. Your rental agency can work with you to strike the most appropriate combination of more affordable and newer equipment for your AV needs. The more powerful and newer equipment takes lesser set up time and therefore lower workforce costs, and this could come to your advantage.

Work with someone who can provide everything under one roof

Is breaking up your AV requirements between different providers a good idea? Possibly not and you could be better off getting the audio equipment from leading audio stores such as JD’S DJ Store and Audio Trends, who not only cater to all that you need would, but, also work to your advantage. But, one thing you should remember is to let the vendor have a bright idea of your budget. This way, it gets a lot easier for the vendor to design a plan that will meet your goal squarely. In this process, you will also steer clear of the hassle of scouting for multiple vendors for your sounds and lights.

Use lighting liberally

If you consider the cumulative cost of entertainment, flowers and videos, lighting is significantly inexpensive and can do plenty to introduce the perspective and mood of a room. You can add flair to your event by opting for coloured light on the stage. Similarly, lighting coming from the ceiling can create romance, drama or mystery. With the most appropriate lighting, the presenters get the best effect and frame for projecting on to screens and plasmas. All that you will need for this is a versatile lighting design that is capable of creating multiple moods for every part of the program. This will also help you save money since you would be using fewer technicians and equipment. With a dramatic lighting, you can even scrap some expense on decorations.

Planning is crucial

Your event could be of any size, but a competent PA/AV system provider is essential for the success of the event. When you plan, you have the opportunity to discuss with an array of AV professionals and draw from their vast reservoir of experience and knowledge. This will also help you get that ‘vow’ factor without stretching your budget.

Choose local vendors

When you hire local vendors for your AV/PA system, you have substantial savings regarding travel costs, per diem cost, and storage costs. In the process, you would also be making your contribution towards reducing the carbon footprint and helping the environment without any additional financial burden on you. And, should you have an emergency on hand, local vendors can quickly cater to your needs.

Consider GOBOs for splendid lighting effects

splendid lightning in a club

Tin or glass stencils used in association with lighting fixtures are known as GOBOs or goes before optics. These stencils allow light to pass through creating particular patterns. Usually, a single GOBO can cost about $60 and can repeatedly be used several times making it more cost-efficient and versatile option compared to a poster or a banner. Many events use this decorative feature in lighting up the event and enhance the visibility for sponsors and decorating empty walls eliminating the need for wall decors and saving money.

Choose between wired and wireless microphones

wireless haedphone

Although some experts would claim that the wired microphones deliver significantly better sound quality, wireless microphones have grown in popularity, particularly with the digital world becoming increasingly wireless in its renderings. The absence of clutter from wires running criss-cross, the enhanced mobility of the user, and the ability to maintain the performing area clean are some of the significant advantages of wireless microphones. Another significant advantage with handheld wireless microphone is the user’s ability to alter the distance between the microphone and the mouth, at will to deliver special effects with the audio by manipulating the fidelity and volume.

Keep yourself continuously updated with the latest in the world of PA/AV system to be an informed customer when you hire this equipment next time, every time.